Concrete5 is an open source content management system

Our websites are built using the concrete5 framework. This enables our customers save money and time when editing their sites, editing content could not be easier!

Concrete5 is a leader in content management systems (CMS) with a tightly vetted marketplace. This allows our customers to install new features directly from their website. This ensures that they can react to market changes quickly, enabling them to be top of their game.

Concrete5 is known as the simple content management system.

concrete5 makes running a website easy:

In-context editing:

With concrete5 the editing is completed at the front end of your website. This enables the customer to visualise how their site will look when editing. A simple drag and drop system gives the customer total control of their site.

Vetted marketplace:

Just like the Apple marketplace, concrete5 check all add-ons before they are released to the general public. This enables them to be secure and malware free, giving you piece of mind.

Simple SEO:

Within the page you can simply edit you page titles, meta titles etc, without delving into complex code. This can help keep you ahead of your competitors on all major search engines.

Easily add new pages:

With the simple sitemap adding new pages cannot be simpler. There is no limit on how many pages you create and can easily drag and drop into the position required.

Endless possibilities:

With Concrete5 you can create any type of website from

e-Commerce - Run a simple shop with the e-Commerce add-on for concrete5

Image galleries - Create a stunning website with your photos with the endless amount of gallery add-ons available.

Blogs - Setup a powerful blog easily with Concrete5, giving your customers up to date news/information about your company

Secure back end - Provide a secure location for your customers to login and view their documents or support logs.