OK so you are a start up or want your website updated, how much work is truly involved for the developer or web designer?

Let’s start by going back a few years when building a website was much more time consuming. The tools available were simple tools like notepad, dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage. We had to pretty much build the site from scratch and if you wanted a Content Management System (CMS) you had to personally build that in. Nowadays we have a collection of tools to choose from like WordpressJoomla and Concrete5 plus many more. This has totally changed the way in which websites are developed.

Wordpress is a designer’s friend and is used on approximately 80% of the world’s websites due to its huge following. Plenty of themes, navigation menus and apps are developed by programmers who release their codes for under £20 and sometimes free of charge.

After many hours of studying these systems, we personally choose Concrete5 for the backbone of our websites. Concrete5 has the most intuitive front end which makes it so easy for customers to take ownership of their site. Amending text is simple and adding pages can be done with a few clicks. High quality themes and add-ons are available in their market place for a small cost which enables sites to be built quickly and easily.  

With all these tools available, some designers and developers don't really design anymore they search the internet for add-ons and themes which suit their needs. Building the site is therefore straight forward and only requires a few hours development time.

It has being known that some website developers are still charging high prices and giving the illusion that these websites take hours to produce. Actual facts are they shouldn’t take more than a few hours development, personally we can build a theme from scratch in about 4 hours.

Putting all that together why are people still charging thousands of pounds for a website that is actually straight forward. Yes, some sites require hours of designing which will cost, but the average site is quite simple. The reason that developers charge so much is down to the perception that websites should be expensive to be any good. For websites built in today’s free CMS age this isn’t the case, the hard work has already been done so most websites are cheaper to create.

We provide low cost solutions for every company, checkout our themes which are built to a high standard conforming to the latest website rules. We are proud to admit that we use other peoples themes and apps but we are more than capable of building our own for the highly complex websites. Why spend hours of time developing and updating whilst charging the customer a small fortune when somebody else has done that work. All add-ons are built using strict rules and are moderated before they are available, so we know they are secure and reliable.

We literally do the messy work setting up the server, domain and applying the theme you have chosen. If you want any changes to the theme we can do at reasonable prices which suits every ones budget. We provide support and training giving you confidence in taking ownership of your site.

We believe a website should be a very small percentage of your on line marketing budget. Today’s internet is a constant battle between competitors promoting their sites, if you don’t constantly work on your Search Engine Optimisation ‘SEO’, then your website will never achieve what you expect. If your website is not on the first page of Google then you will not get any new customers to your site and your website isn’t the marketing tool you require. Many companies offer SEO but honestly they only know the basics setting up social media and configuring your site to be SEO friendly. All sites built today should be SEO friendly as standard and companies shouldn't charge extra.

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